At our hotel, everyone will find the gastronomic delights that are best suited to them. The Korus Bar offers refreshing drinks and coffee specialities for all the family. And next to the bar, a children’s corner and slot machines await your grandparents for an adventurous day out. The Park Lounge offers Hungarian and local specialities as well as international cuisine. Here we serve a hearty breakfast, a wide selection of dishes for lunch, a delicious dinner and snacks between main meals. The Stand Bar offers a selection of special wines, cocktails and premium drinks.

Fresh, organic, conscious and delicious

If you are into conscious eating, you can rest assured that you will find healthy and delicious items on the menu, too. Not only do we think of our vegetarian guests when composing our menus- we also consider the specific food intolerances and allergies at all times. We always try to purchase food products from local suppliers, small farms, organic farms and primary producers. We reserve the right to change our menu from time to time in order to offer you the best and freshest foods of the given season. We believe that the fresher, the tastier.