Korus Bar

Opening hours: Every day 9 am – 11 pm

Our lively bar caters to both adults and children with specialty coffee, dessert specialties, snacks, cakes and ice cream. Children’s play corner and game consoles, mid-day snacks or evening entertainment: guaranteed fun for every member of your family. 

The Korus Bar reflecting the original Park Inn style is made even more vivid with modern but cosy furnishings, a familial atmosphere and cavalcades of colour and design.

There’s nothing better than having a nice cup of ice cream with a cool, fresh lemonade on our sunny terrace during the summer.
Children can enjoy a large selection of colourful and tasty cookies, biscuits, kid cocktails and delicious snacks.

We are proud of our special cake creations made fresh by our master confectioner. We do not have a cake menu as we welcome our guests every day with new surprises.

If your time at the spa worked up your appetite but you do not feel like a full meal, our Korus Bar has a selection of salads, cold sandwiches and tasty snacks.

A variety of gaming consoles guarantee that you won’t have a dull moment. Every age group can find the tastes and the experiences to their liking at any time during the day.

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