Wellness & Massage: Adventure for the entire family

Zalakaros Spa is one of the most beautiful and biggest aquaparks in Hungary, where bathing is not only fun, but also an adventure for the whole family. If you want to relax or seek adventures, our aquapark, adrenalin slide park, complex thermal therapies, hydrotherapy and massage services, electric physiotherapy treatments and our Story beach for children guarantee that every age group can find what they need.

Opening hours

For more information visit the website of the Spa: www.zkf.hu

Waterspider-Wonderspider Beach

The 400 m2 multifloor, indoor-outdoor pool complex welcomes children with over 60 aquatic attractions, including slides, water hoses and waterfalls. In the Club House next to the Waterspider-Wonderspider Beach, an experiences animator team will entertain children of all ages with various programs every day of the week.

0-12 ages

Guests of the Zalakaros Spa can enjoy the services of the indoor-outdoor aquapark throughout the whole yearThe pool complex featuring over 20 types of aquatic adventures provides entertainment for people of all ages. It helps you relax and recharge after the everyday pressures of work, and its relaxing effects and health benefits help us preserve our health.

Thermal and Medical Centre

The Zalakaros Thermal and Medical Spa has been officially certified by the Ministry of Health since 1978. Thousands of patients visit the rheumatological outpatient clinic based on thermal water treatments every year. The wide range of hydro- and thermal therapies are also ideal for prevention purposes. More and more young people sign up for treatments, focusing on health preservation and prevention.

Adrenalin Slide Park

The 400-meter new and extreme Adrenalin Slide Park features slides that are unique among spas in the Transdanubia region. Those who seek real adventures can try 5 extraordinary slides: the Magic Tunnel full of special light effects, the 105-meter long, winding UFO slide, the Kamikaze slide where you can reach a speed of up to 70 km/h, the 68-meter long Turbo slide made up of transparent elements and the Rafting-Inga designed for whitewater adventurers. The Adrenalin Slide Park is open between the 16th of June and the 26th of August.