Ayurveda Massage at our hotel

If you are our hotel’s guest, you have the opportunity of trying the special, ayurvedic massages with the help of a qualified therapeutist. These massage versions from India use original, organic ingredients to treat everyday stress, the tailor-made massages refresh both your body and soul.

For booking an appointment and for further information please ask our Reception colleagues.


One of the most important treatments in Ayurveda, which is done by a therapeutist on the whole body, with a hot oil chosen based on the patient’s needs. It regenerates, renews the cells, promotes the functioning of the lymphatic system and effectively detoxifies. It is a particularly relaxing, very pleasant massage. It can reduce stress levels, offers a complete relaxation experience, dissolves mental-physical exhaustion, improves quality of sleep and encourages detox processes.

60 minutes, 13,000 HUF

Rejuvenating Saffron Face Treatment

The secret of the beauty of Indian women’s skin lies within the rare ingredients of creams and substances used by them. Our treatment uses these original ingredients from India to create a glowing skin tone. One of the most important ingredients is saffron, which deeply cleanses and detoxifies, nourishes, and its anti-wrinkle effect offers a long-lasting younger look.

60 minutes, 13,000 HUF


It is used in case of inflammation of bones, ligaments, other soft tissues, of spine and muscle aches, sport injuries. It improves circulation and has a strong detox effect. The therapeutist uses special linen bags filled with leaves and powder of selected medicinal plants to steam and massage the body. It is a highly effective treatment for the above listed problems. It is also recommended if you want to warm up inside and out, to get recharged with life in the winter cold.

45-60 minutes, 11,000 HUF

Neck, Shoulder, Back Massage

The neck and shoulders are heavily burdened with stress, which is unfortunately easy to feel in the tightness of the area’s muscles. The wrong posture of the time spent in front of the computer also results in adhesion or spasmodic tightness of the muscles and the pains accompanied with them. This treatment focuses on these problems, relaxes the spasmodic muscles and effectively reduces stress levels.

30 minutes, 7,000 HUF

Foot and Head Massage

On the head: promotes circulation and brain functions, strengthens hair roots, reduces insomnia, and the special oil makes the hair shiny and healthy. On the foot: stimulating the reflex zones promotes life functions and the working of organs. The ligament pains of the area are reduced, it refreshens and relaxes at the same time.

30 minutes, 7,000 HUF

Karma Special Massage

A revitalizing full body hot oil treatment tailor-made to the individual needs of the patient. The strength of the pressure is adjusted to the momentary feelings of the patients. A combination of massage and stretching, western and eastern techniques, medical and aromatic oils. It gently stimulates the circulation, the lymphatic system and encourages detoxifying processes. It is deeply relaxing, and nourishes, moisturizes, softens the skin on the whole body. It recharges your body and soul. Hot oil, deep tissue treatment with anti-stress and immune system boosting effects.

90 minutes, 19,000 HUF




Lavender cream massage

60 minutes, 13.000 HUF


Jasmine cream massage

60 minutes, 13.000 HUF


Skin tightening cream massage

60 minutes, 13.000 HUF


Lotus body scrub

60 minutes, 14.000 HUF


Facial treatment

scrubbing, massage, masks, according to skin type

60 minutes, 14.000 HUF

Aromatherapy oil massage

lavender & mango & lemongrass & coconut & chocolate & masculine & peppermint-rosemary oils

60 minutes, 14.000 HUF

Sports massage

with cooling massage gel

60 minutes, 13.000 HUF

Manager massage

for head – neck – shoulders and back

60 minutes, 13.000 HUF

Yogi massage

with oriental scents

60 minutes, 13.000 HUF

Beauty Queen treatment

full body scrub, choice of oil/cream body massage, facial treatment

120 minutes, 24.000 HUF

Wellness King treatment

head and foot massage, choice of oil/cream body massage, facial treatment

120 minutes, 24.000 HUF


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