Zalakaros Spa:

Zalakaros Spa offers various masks, massages, baths, physiotherapy, electrotherapy and ultrasound treatments to its guests, many of which are also available without reservation.


Mud wrap
The prepared therapeutic mud from Hévíz is mixed with the thermal water of Zalakaros and placed on the body part prescribed by the doctor at the specified temperature and for the prescribed duration in a triple wrap using bedsheets, foil and a blanket. It is recommended to take an hour-long rest after the mud wrap. Treatment application: degenerative musculoskeletal diseases, rehabilitation after an accident. It also has beneficial effects in the case of chronic gynaecological and certain dermatological diseases.

Mud bath
For this treatment, we apply therapeutic mud from Hévíz mixed with the thermal water of Zalakaros in the adequate proportions. It is recommended to take an hour-long rest after the mud bath. Treatment application: degenerative musculoskeletal diseases, rehabilitation after an accident. It also has beneficial effects in the case of chronic gynaecological and certain dermatological diseases.

Parafango is a mix of mud and paraffin. We place the parafango preheated to 40°C on the ailing body part, then wrap it in foil and bedsheets. Effect: improves blood circulation, increases the oxygen supply of body tissue and relieves pain. It can be successfully applied to treat chronic inflammations of the spine and limb joints, arthrosis and muscle pain.


Medical massage
The aim of the medical massage is to improve circulation and relax rigid, stiff, aching muscles with the classical manoeuvres of Swedish massage therapies. It restores the skin’s elasticity by increasing congestion, removes the waste products deposited in the deeper layers of the skin and intensifies blood circulation in the muscles, thereby boosting their performance.

Sole reflexology massage
Sole massage can effectively help prevent diseases, refresh and regenerate the body. There are more than 70,000 nerve endings found on the soles of our feet. Massaging the reflex zones of the sole has a harmonising effect on the functioning of the entire body. Effects of sole massage: strengthens the immune system, triggers detoxifying functions (liver, kidney, breathing), jump-starts the body’s self-healing mechanisms, improves quality of life, refreshes and relaxes the body. Sole reflexology massage is not only recommended for those suffering from illnesses, but to anyone who feels fatigued, exhausted, under the weather.

Lymphatic massage
Lymphatic massage is a physiotherapeutic treatment during which we increase the drainage of lymphatic fluids by applying very mild pressure on the connective tissue. Lymphatic massage activates the immune system and the metabolic processes, drains oedemas, thereby reducing pain in affected organs. It also indirectly increases the blood circulation and the oxygen and nutrition supply of cells. The treatment is only available with cash payment.


Individual physiotherapy
Our physiotherapists use personalised movement therapy to restore the appropriate functioning of the diseased body part, taking into consideration the psychological state, physical features and age of the patient. (McKenzie exercise treatment, Terrier’s soft tissue mobilisation, mobilisation through suspension, tool-aided muscle training).

Group physiotherapy
With the aid of neck- and shoulder-training gymnastic apparatus (ball, bar, rubber band)
Spine strengthening exercise – strengthening the back muscles and improving posture through exercises with a physioball
Osteoporosis exercises – therapeutic exercises designed for osteoporosis patients

Underwater group physiotherapy
This exercise therapy is conducted under water. The water’s buoyancy effect reduces the weight of the body, thereby reducing strain on the heart, the circulatory system and the joints during the treatment, which means that patients with joint pain can also perform the exercises to increase joint mobility. Increases fitness, relieves pain, improves the body’s metabolism, blood circulation and lymph flow. It has excellent fat-burning potential for the overweight and is also easy on the joints.


Underwater water jet massage, where the joint effect of massage and thermal water reduces the stiffness of muscles and degenerative joints. It also increases metabolic processes, blood circulation and lymph flow. Personalised treatment in a special bath tub.

Weight bath
The patient is suspended by the neck or armpit in such a way that their feet do not touch the bottom of the pool. Weights are attached to the patient’s waist or ankles in order to remove the vertebrae from one another and relax large joints. This treatment is recommended for pain in the neck, back and lower back, sciatica, narrowing of the hip joints and knee joint degeneration.

Carbonic acid bath
The body is covered with the free gas bubbles of carbonic acid, making the skin red and thereby dilating capillaries and increasing blood flow. It has a relaxing effect on patients with mild heart problems or stress-induced symptoms, recovering from a heart attack or suffering from fatigue. It can be effectively applied to improve the blood supply of any organ. Other recommended applications: diabetes, calcium deficiency caused by old age or hormonal conditions, improvement of neurological functions, increasing fitness. It is also an effective complementary treatment for preventing osteoporosis.

Electrotherapy treatments

Selective electrostimulation therapy
It is used for the treatment of the paralysis of muscle tissues. It is often applied for trauma-induced muscle weakness and muscular atrophy caused by chronic joint degeneration.

Stable galvanic
Can be applied in ascending and descending current forms. Effective for the inflammation of nerves as well as nerve pain radiating to the lower and higher limbs.

Diadynamic, Interference treatments
Various forms of electric currents are used to administer treatment for controlled periods of time and intensity. The treatments reduce inflammation and alleviate pain. Ideal for chronic pain syndromes, muscle tightness and certain nerve pains. Has a pain reducing and mild hyperaemic effect.

It is used for the delivery of various medications or medicinal substances (Diclac, Lidocaine, Hydrocortisone, Flector, Dionin) through the skin to the damaged and ailing parts of the body with the help of galvanic current. It serves to reduce muscle pain and over-strain, alleviate arthritis, accelerate the absorption of hematomas and soften scars.

Muscle and nerve stimulator recommended for chronic joint pain, muscle pain, osteoporosis, radiating pain, as well as to speed up muscle gain, muscle relaxation and regeneration.

Ultrasound treatments

Micro-massage generated by mechanical vibrations that can trigger thermal and chemical effects. Good anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxing, analgesic, vessel dilating and exfoliating effect. It helps the infiltration of pharmacological agents into deeper layers (creams, gels, solutions). Effective in treating: stiffness in the neck and shoulder muscles, degenerative joint diseases and discopathia. Conventional ultrasound therapy is suitable for the treatment of nearly all musculoskeletal disorders.

Underwater ultrasound treatment
Underwater micro-massage applied primarily for the treatment of the smaller joints of the hand. It reduces pain, dilates blood vessels, reduces spasms, reduces the stiffness of connective tissues and facilitates exfoliation.

Magnetotherapy (magnetic ring)
The magnetic field affects the ionic circulation within cells, improves the oxygen supply of cells and causes the capillaries to dilate. The accelerated ionic circulation improves the body’s waste product excretion, which in turn reduces inflammation and the resulting pain. Indications: diseases of cartilage, mild to moderate muscle weakness, incontinence, pain syndrome, lower back pain, radiating pain, migraine, post-stroke condition, phantom pain after amputation. It is also beneficial in the rehabilitation of sports injuries. Counter-indications: built-in pacemaker, fever, pregnancy, hyperthyroidism, stomach and intestinal bleeding, juvenile diabetes.

Complex treatments

How it works: the doctor prescribes 15 sets of treatment each including 1 admission to the spa and 3 types of therapies selected. The 15 sets can be prescribed up to twice a year. The patient must use the treatments over a period of 3 consecutive weeks on every weekday (Monday-Friday). The spa provides patients with a separate room for relaxation in between treatments.