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Autumn offers
2023. September 01. - 2023. December 01.
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2023. December 02. - 2024. January 07.
Why does the price of our offers change?

Park Inn by Radisson hotels use a so-called dynamic pricing meaning the prices of offers may change over different times of the year. The method is similar to the pricing of plane tickets: in popular months the prices may increase in line with the demand and there are times when prices are more favorable. We recommend you to request a quotation from our colleague so that you get the most beneficial pricing.

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Senior Discount

Guests over 65 years of age will receive a 5% discount on our packages for all reservations on weekdays, excluding Special Offers.

The discount is valid throughout the year, except during special periods (03.11-14, 04.14-17, 06.03-05, 06.15-08.31, 10.21-31, 12.23-31).

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